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No, no, no! Two Things

1. Do not be a dangerous moron on the road. Transporting long wooden planks in the bed of your pickup truck. Secure, let me shout this SECURE the planks. But nope what I see is a dangerous moron in the middle of the road putting wooden planks back in his pickup truck. I was just watching across the street seeing him loosely sliding the planks in. One could have slid out and crashed into the car behind it, its a super busy road. Often bumper to bumper.

2. I love the Toto song Africa. I have no idea what it means, I have seen folks interpret as a song about the African drought going on at the time, the communist takeover of Rhodesia, apartheid, about a man finding himself instead of being with his girlfriend etc. I thought it was about a man finding himself and about the drought.

This is a god awful horrible version. It lacks the introspection and emotions the originall had. The woman singing it has a good voice although it felt speed sung.

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