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No one is at work and it's terrible

Usually I like having the office be relatively empty but not when all the people who are out are the people I need things from! Today:

  1. Our assistant director is in New York visiting her sister. This was planned well in advance and really just means that we hold off on anything financial until Wednesday.
  2. Our director got stuck in Metro chaos this morning and at 10:20, with no resolution in sight, decided that between that and her afternoon doctor’s appointment, she was just going to say fuck it and take the day off.
  3. Our student assistant is just not here. I don’t know why. She’s working this weekend, so she might have decided to take off today in exchange, but if so she didn’t tell me or update her schedule on the calendar. She may have told our assistant director, who approves the student schedules, but I can’t check because (1). I emailed her at 9:30 and haven’t gotten a response.

Which leaves me (the front office admin assistant), some faculty (including one who is brand new to the office), and the academic coordinator, who gave me a deer-in-the-headlights look when I told her that the director was going to be out all day. She’s now handling alone all the faculty meetings she was supposed to do with our director.

Really I’m most annoyed about (3) because I’ve been setting aside tasks for her to do and apparently I’m going to need to do them instead, in between the other things I need to get done today. Yay!

Also there’s an ongoing issue where I have no idea what my predecessor did and what reservations are confirmed and what I still need to do, which is awesome and not at all frustrating.

I need a cookie.

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