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Welcome To The Bitchery
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No one to lean on?

I think I complained the other day that I bought 3 microwave kilns that I thought were 5"diameter by 2.5" high but turned out to be TINY like 2"X3" - well, I am no longer disappointed. They melt glass in 6:66 (yeah, I use that as my standard timing) as opposed to 6:66 times 2 for the bigger kilns. Here is what I am casting now (chopstick for calibration)

Small effing issue - my phone is saving pics as HEIC images that Kinja does not recognize, give me a few minutes to see what I can do, sigh.


I am trying to find a different device to take the pics - Please Standby

Photo: Grumpy

What you see are 2 skulls wearing headphones, a skull w/jaunty hat, skull w/headband, an ‘ugly bug’, a tragedy mask(ish), and the kiln (note black, metallic coating that is agitated to create the high temperatures). Only 3 of the pieces are close to being ready for their close-ups. Since no one that I know or know of is doing what I do, I have no idea what I am doing wrong to get theses results. I am going to try to talk to the owner of Olympic Glass Rods to see if he has any suggestions (as a side note, I also want to know if any of his greens are made using copper oxide since a reduction flame will rip the O2 out leaving just the copper which is an interesting effect).

I also have some questions about using convection currents during my casting process - they are pretty unpredictable. Sometimes, a small tornado-like funnel sucks(?) the colors down into the center of the piece and sometimes the currents swirl into some pretty complex patterns.


I am venting and understand that most of you will not understand what I am hell I mean. Since I give everything away, I will have to create some more of the convection current pieces as an example of what I am talking about. If this hobby interests anyone, I will gladly off some support.

I just heard the microwave ding so I have some projects to get back to - I hope you all are staying sane during the shutdown (not sure if I am).

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