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"no thanks" to work stuff

Hey all!

So earlier I posted about the incredibly boring material I was studying, although I didn’t want to. So I figured I would just take the practice exam a bunch then go for my test this past Monday. Spring in New England meant snow and ice, and when my truck slid sideways twice before I even got to try to go down the massive hill I decided ummm no thanks, not worth it. Driving 4x4, got a rear wheel up over the curb onto grass and off ice for traction, turned around and parked. Called my boss, let her know I wasn’t driving to work or the test, no big deal. I had to wait 24 hours minimum before rescheduling the test, I called Thursday and they tried to make me pay. Sooooooo.

I head into work yesterday, and had a talk with my boss. HR wanted me to pay for the rescheduled test. I was pretty proud of myself for not falling into my work place habit of making sure I meet and exceed expectations- instead I rolled with what *I* want. Told her that I don’t have extra cash to throw at a test, that in fact I don’t even want the license as that will lead to phone work, the one thing I said I wouldn’t do when I accepted the job. Her response was that it may be mandatory for everyone eventually- and instead of backing down I told her that they need me more than I need them, I get more done in part time hours than a few of the full time employees. And that it’s a job, not a career move for me and realistically I could go to Dunkin Donuts and bring home just as much if not more pay with a 401k match and without being forced to do the one thing I said I wouldn’t do. I think being told that “because of my skill level, they would need to abuse me for a while” after getting licensed really sealed it for me. SUCH a relief to not worry about that damn test anymore!! Hooray!


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