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No. That's not how that works.

Family suing American Airlines for losing man with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

“First thing we did was tell the attendant that my father has Alzheimer’s and dementia and he cannot be by himself,” the woman tell the NYDN. “We put him in a wheelchair with the attendant, watching him get to the gate. And that was the last time we saw my dad.”

They say it was an AA employee but I doubt it since there are airport wheelchair assistants and that’s who they probably passed him off to.


And this was La Guardia so it’s big and I don’t think they would be able to watch him get to the gate. The airline has reviewed security footage and says the man never even went through security.

You can’t just drop off someone with diminished capacity like a piece of luggage and expect the airline to take care of them. What the hell people? And just having a quick conversation with one person about the situation? Why didn’t they take care of it when they booked the flight? Still wouldn’t be ok to leave him alone though IMO.

The man was eventually found a few days later so that's good

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