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The light bulb in our refrigerator went out a couple weeks ago. A few days afterwards, my boyfriend opens up the refrigerator to get something out, and my roommate walks up to the open fridge, twists out the light bulb, hands it to my boyfriend, and says in his most sarcastic voice "IT'D BE GREAT IF YOU COULD CHANGE OUT THIS LIGHT BULB SOON."

Okay, time for back story. My roommate is a piece of shit pothead who has NEVER cleaned the bathroom or mopped the kitchen floor or emptied or started the dishwasher in his entire time living here. He has never swept, never cleaned. Not even his own bedroom, which reeks of dirty laundry, dirty dishes, and weed. (Incidentally, I do 90-80% of the cleaning. My boyfriend is not absolved here.) My roommate and I no longer have any relationship, not even close to friendship. We were friendly when I moved in, but when my dad died a couple months ago and he literally NEVER SAID A WORD TO ME about it I decided I no longer had to care about his shit.

Now cut to today. Roommate goes on a Twitter rant about light bulb. Tweets include "seriously how long does it take to go to the store and buy a light bulb...?" and "SERIOUSLY SOMEONE ANSWER ME RIGHT NOW. HOW FUCKING LONG DOES IT TAKE TO BUY A GODDAMN FUCKING LIGHT BULB AND INSTALL IT" and "I refuse to fix anything myself. It's not my refrigerator and it's not my problem. Thanks for listening to me vent, Twitterites" and "eh who am I kidding, nobody is listening!" and "long story short, I need to move out." I follow my roommate on Twitter. What the fuck?


I read this, get really fucking angry, and then proceed to confront my roommate about it when he gets home. I basically tell him to just fucking move out if he's so unhappy and that we don't want him here. Then my boyfriend proceeds to step in and be the "reasonable" one.

Cut to now, when I am totally blind with rage. I'm already freezing out my boyfriend, and well, the roommate is dead to me anyway. I'm the kind of angry where literally anyone who crosses me is going to be my next target. Why does this happen? Why do I have to be so goddamn hotheaded all the time? I need to get a hold of myself!

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