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Is anybody watching No Tomorrow on the CW? I’ve only watched the pilot, but found it very enjoyable. The CW is really cornering the market on light and delightful entertainment. For anybody unaware of it, No Tomorrow is about Evie, who is kind of dissatisfied with her life. She also has a crush on her hot neighbor, Xavier. One day fate conspires to bring them together, and Evie learns that Xavier believes he’s discovered an asteroid that is going to destroy the earth in a few months. So he lives with a fierce carpe diem attitude and tries to get her to do the same.

Which got me thinking about what would be on my apocalist (a term I like infinitely more than bucket list). Off to top of my head I got:
Visit every continent (I’ve got North America, Europe, Australia, and technically Asia because I’ve been to Israel, but would really like to see more).
Learn to play cello.
Be able to comfortably converse in Spanish.
Read every book I own.
Take an acting class.


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