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I work in in a really cool historic building that was built by the WPA in the 1930's. It was the old bandstand renovated into a small office building for 3 (the whole building is 28'x28', my office is about 8'x10') so it has 2 feet of rock wall and the rest is windows all the way up to the ceiling. I think I am literally in the most coveted office on the entire camp. But, when they were turning it into an office building they forgot some essential things. They put in UV/thermal/double pane fancy windows, but they didn't insulate the floor or the stone part of the wall. In a warmer environment that might be fine, but it doesn't work in Wyoming in winter. There is a significant temperature difference between the upper and lower part of the room, but we've never been sure of how much of one, we just keep our space heaters going.

As part of budget cuts they have been trying to cut energy costs where they can. One of the things they've been trying to come after are our space heaters. So, the other people in my office and I are doing science in the name of keeping them. Today we got a little digital thermometer and are placing in various places throughout our office and in various circumstances. Our thermostat is set at 72°F, and it seems like the upper part of the building is at that temperature or close to it. But, according to the measurements we just took, the temperature at the floor was 38°F. No wonder my toes are always cold at work, even with the space heater running! Now, we have turned on the space heaters to 70°F, which is where we usually have them set, and will see what temp floor level is after running them for a few hours.


My toes at this very moment......

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