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No words exchanged, only eye talk & tiny hand signals & elbow nudges...

Laura, in church: “Wanna Wherther’s Michelle?”

Michelle, smiling eyes: “Yes, Laura, that would be great!”

Laura: “George, pass this to Michelle.”

Michelle, smiling: “Dear lord, so glad Laura has the good candy. She’s nice. I wish I was in Detroit with Aretha.”


Laura: “I love Michelle.”

Michelle: *enjoys candy while mind drifts to where she should be right now*

Barack, to self: “I knew the man & I knew him well. Respect & honor is a given for who he was; his governance not so much. I can’t believe I have to do this, but he put me in to his last will & testament, so I have to do it. How can I not? It was planned & scheduled weeks ago. I’m going to give a eulogy I believe in to calm a frightened nation. Who knew my friend Aretha would go the same week? I wish I were in Detroit. Goddamn it, the music alone is giving me grief. Goddam it, I love Michelle so much.”

George: “I passed Michelle a candy from Laura & got credit for the candy & a redemption slip! Now I’m the cutest, most best stupid murderous President ever! If I’d known the press & people would love me for it, I would have sent Michelle candy every day of my presidency, from the future. Yea! I should paint her with my paint brushes, which also makes me more cute...”

No denying the musical greatness, though. Obviously, Aretha’s Detroit wins. Here are 2 from each funeral that gut me every time, though not the ones from this weeks’ funerals. The ones I love personally.


Jennifer Hudson deserves all the love for the rest of her days, forever & ever~

Eric Clapton’s guitar says it all, with no words. If you know Danny Boy, you know. You can cry to the words in your head. Rene Fleming deserves all the love, too~

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