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  1. No, person who told me women don’t have “business brain” while you occupied an hour of my time with your nonsense rambling Tuesday, I am not going to “call you ASAP because it’s urgent” because it’ literally not. If I get an “urgent” call, that means someone is in permitting or construction and having an immediate problem. You are not here. To you, “ASAP” and “urgent” mean “because I want it urgently.” I know this because I’ve been here before. Sorry, person. I’m too busy with my female feelings and trying to learn how business things work!
  2. No, boss. I reject what you said yesterday. You’ve spent a year instructing us to put roadblocks ahead of people getting their businesses open because we found that rushing through the process was causing major problems in the long run. Now, when people are taking forever to open, you called a meeting, and rejected all of our explanations and possible solutions. You, instead, suggested we encourage them to break the law and not get their permits, or other similarly ridiculous ideas. As usual, you just start throwing blame around instead of admitting we’re having a problem and listening to our ideas for solutions.
  3. No, person who emailed me every 30 minutes starting at 3 am this morning, asking me to call you. Not only are you out of line for expecting someone to check their email and call you in the middle of the night, but had you just written all your grievances in the email, I could address them immediately and efficiently. I know you forget this, but architectural work is visual and getting on a call, then me asking you to send a photo or drawing, then me waiting for it, then me looking at it, is a waste of our time.
  4. No, again, to you, boss. No you are not “GENEROUSLY” compensating us for working for you. In fact, your compensation is below market standard. When you all but demand to be THANKED for the fact that we have health insurance, while many of us (not me because fuck it) are working 80 hour weeks, you can fuck right off.


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