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No You Can Not Have My Number

What is it with guys on these dating sites/apps? I keep running into this phenomenon where a guy will message me on OKC or Tinder and we'll exchange all of five pleasantries back and forth before they're like, "Hey give me your phone number/email/gchat so we don't have to use this app!"

WHY? Seriously, why would I do that? First of all, what's wrong with the app? I think both the OKC and Tinder apps are pretty user friendly and they both have a chat feature. It works fine. A little icon pops up when you have a message, just like it does when you get a text message. It goes to your phone either way, right? And btw, I know from experience that you're planning to use my number to text me, not actually to speak to me...so what's the difference?


I know the difference for me is that keeping the conversation on the app saves me from constantly having to clear my contacts list of dudes I lost interest in after a few hours/one date etc. Also it helps me to keep the dudes I'm talking to straight, because their pictures are next to the chat. If we've been messaging each other for all of six minutes what makes you think I'm going to remember who you are when you text me a week from now? Oh, because you're the only dude named 'Matt' in New York City?

Not to mention, why would I just give my number out to a stranger I've never met in person? What assurance do I have that you aren't going to start blowing up my phone, stalking me etc?

And some dudes have the nerve to be seriously pissed about it!

Is there something I'm missing here?

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