Trump did not just negate what he said yesterday at his press conference but used a nuclear bomb against it. This march was organized by Unite The Right a White Nationalist group that brought NeoNazis, White Nationals, KKK etc together.

1. A person who marches with these groups is automatically not a good person. The statue was just an excuse for them and you President Twit.

2. The protestors were protesting agaunst hate against White Supremecy, KKK, NeoNazis etc. There is no moral equivalence. By this logic FDR was the moral equivalent of Hitler.

3. Washington arnd Thomas Jefferson were slave holders and it was evil. We should always teach that both men helped build the nation but also participated in slavery. Robert E Lee and the rest of the confederates were traitors they killed American soldiers and kept slaves. The South should be happy they and the slave owners who defied Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation were not sent to the gallows. I always thought Lincoln was far too soft.

4. Taking down statues is NOT changing history they are symbols of White Nationalism and White Nationalism. More books have been written about the civil war then any other war and newspaper articles from that era are still available.


5. Hiding behind the mother of the victim was deplorable. And really no one gives a crap about your winery.