Well that review gave me one bad trigger to my past.








When I was a child (around 11) I had a friend (also 11) who was a mormon (still could be, haven't seen him since we were 13) (this was late 70s). He told me his teacher in Mormon Sunday school taught them "all blacks are descended from Cain thats why they are violent" I never forgot those word to this day. I grew up taught by my parents and grandparents racism is one of the worst things there is and they would be furious if I was ever racist or a homophobe.

Well this review triggered that memory. The movie is essentially son of Seth (Noah) vs the violent children of Cain. With giants. Noah is described as the true "son of Adam". I guess Eve doesn't count.

Lets face it the biblical story of Noah is literally nonsensical but it plays into the creationist and fundamentalists viewpoint who believe it as literal for this alone I would not go.

So no way will I go to this movie. This idea of Cain just brings back those memories. noahreview