An excerpt of an article by Mark Shrayber:

"Why are you breathing like that?" the yoga instructor asks me. "Do you need to step outside? Because that's okay! Anything that will make you feel comfortable is okay!" She's leaning over me as I hyperventilate through the gentle movement of lying on my back and doing absolutely nothing. I came here to relax, and five minutes into the class, I'm having an anxiety attack.

his is not the first time I've tried yoga, and it's probably not the last time that I'll consider picking it up. Everyone loves it: my friends, my colleagues, even my partner, who is also on his back next to me, his eyes closed in an effort to look relaxed. The rest of his face wears an expression of abject horror at my disruption of everyone's meditation.


As a dedicated Northeasterner with lots of anxiety, a certain level of anxiety fits a little better with our surroundings though we also have to deal with winter rage. But yes, I liked this article about how it might feel to feel out of step with our surroundings because of anxiety and how he loves his city anyways. Maybe how we love things because they challenge us. He also covered the jezebel beat this Caturday. Hopefully, we'll see him again!