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I may have been unintentionally really really mean to my SiL.

So, most of you guys know that I am a knitter. It’s my preferred hobby. it’s what I like to do. I like to do that for many reasons- chief among them I do not own clothing in colors. Nope. all of my tops are grey, black, white or cream (with the exception of ONE green top, but it (much like the cheese) stands alone) All of my bottoms are black and denim. I am what the kids today would call monochrome normcore. But, this serves top highlight my suuuuper colorful knit pieces. Rainbow stripes and highlighter shades, weird variegates in hats and socks and scarves and what all. I like accessories to be colorful (another reason I’m glad to be moving to the PNW; more chances to wear knit crap)


I mean look at those things-those a colorful as all get out.(I’m not sure what that blip on the leg is. Hopefully I can block it out :/)

So we were out running some errands the other day and she started in with the “you need to wear more color”

No, says I. No I like having a very simple wardrobe because then I can play with crazy colors when I knit. Plus good, everything always matches, double plus good I work in the funeral industry so black is sort of our thing.


This does not stop her. Instead she starts in on HOW I should be wearing color starting with the pair of orange pants she sees at the store we are in. Thus begins a harangue about why I should wear orange even though I HATE orange, and orange and yellow are the colors that look dumb on me so even if I did wear color, orange and yellow would not feature heavily. This back and forth, which I keep as friendly as possible lasts the entire trip until I fake a headache to get away from her.
This morning she stops by the house with: the orange pants. I am not in the mood y’all. I legit woke up with a headache (oh karma, you sneaky bitch) and I start my new job today and of course my hair is doing weird stuff.So I snap and I’m kind of mean and I’m just like- I hope to god you kept the receipt for those things because I will literally never wear them. Not “lol” literally but literally literally. If you leave them here they will sit forgotten in a drawer until I get packed to move at which point I will take them, tags on to goodwill. She of course looked really hurt and I feel bad, but also not really. It might make family functions a little chilly but also, like, whatever. I’ll just bring my knitting.

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