I need your advice, guys because I am ignorant to noise laws if there are any. I live in a townhome community and my place pretty much butts up against the to the monstrous new apartment complex that was built recently. People talking at night I can deal with but the grates in the middle of their roads aren’t ... fitted right? Whenever cars roll over their grates it makes a LOUD Clang! Clang! sound I can here in every room in my place. We have the same grates but they are fitted right I guess because they make no noise when rolled over. My neighbor also told me it keeps her up at night also and it’s driving me crazy and I’m losing sleep so it’s really worrying me. I put a noise machine also in my room but it’s that loud that I can STILL hear it and cars are constantly going in and out so it’s an all day, every day problem.

How can I contact them, what should I say? I’m sure it is also keeping their residents up bc they live on the roads. Thanks, everyone!