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Noisy neighbours advice needed

My upstairs neighbours have a large young dog that’s getting bigger and bigger. Every morning at ~ 5 am the dog runs back and forth their apartment because of which I’m woken up to THUMP TUMP THUMP non-stop until 7 am. It feels like an earthquake every morning with stuff on my dressers rattling. I’ve complained to the leasing office and they sent out a legal noise notice. They also spoke to the neighbours in person who said they’ll try to keep it down. But they haven’t. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do? Earplugs don’t help because everything rattles like crazy and I’ve had stuff fall off my walls. I have a fan on in the background for whitenoise but that doesn’t help with the earthquake effects. I tried going to bed early but they are noisy until ~midnight everyday. I’m not getting enough sleep and I really don’t know what else to do. Advise please!

ETA: I just moved in 2 months ago and don’t want to move out unless there’s no other option.


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