On the plane I started to have to clear my throat about every other minute and it hurt - I have a sore throat, probably a cold coming on. When we were trying to get my mother into a cab (all cabs here seem to be suburbans with no step stools), she fell and scraped her shin. There was blood, fortunately, the deputy sheriff was first aid trained so we got mom cleaned up. Using my pack as a stool, mom was able to get into the cab. When we got to the FUCKING ASSHOLE HOLIDAY iNN, they said that the bank declined the credit card and we were not going to have king sized rooms - we get to be across from the ice machines and the coke machines. We checked and the bank said that there was no attempt to process the card and so the card was never declined. My sister decided that it would be best to take mom to the emergency room. Mom still could not get into the cab and the concierge said that they did not have a step for her to use and the cab companies said they don't have any handicapped access cabs. The staff finally decided that they might be able to do something.

So, I asked the front desk where I could get something for my cold and I was sent down Gravier street to a corner store call Brothers where I got a bottle of honey, a bottle Jack, some nighttime cold medication and I did not get lost (or mugged - but I think they save that experience for the 3rd or 4th day). I nuked the bourbon and honey and am watching SNL and Tina Fey (I just got back in time).

Mom and sis have not returned from the emergency room but mom will be okay. The issue is just making sure that it is cleaned up well, and bandaged correctly.

We are here for the WWII War Brides convention; yes I am worrying but the bourbon is kicking in and the band is playing so that means the news is next. Like I told mom and sis - this is going to make a really good story (self referencing recursion here as this is a really good story now but I don't have the ending yet).

**edit** There is an advert for a bailbondsman saying that NOLA jail is no party.