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Welcome To The Bitchery
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NOLA - day 2

Rooms were rearranged; mom is doing okay, we got her leg bandaged, everybody slept late. The opening dinner was eye-opening (not the food, that was your typical rubber chicken) - there were over a million women who emigrated from Europe in the largest movement of women in history. In 1945 the War Brides Act offered free one way transport to non-Asian spouses, natural children and adopted children of US servicemen (in 1946 it was expanded to include Chinese spouses). There were about 15,000 Australians who emigrated to the US. The first gathering of war brides occurred in April of 1985 on the Queen Mary; President Reagan recognized the gathering with a letter. The Queen Mary was chosen because a majority of the war brides actually made the trip on her.

I met some wonderful people; some were even from the northwest.


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