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Welcome To The Bitchery
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NOLA - later in the week

Well, I did something kind of silly. I was fascinated by one of the War Baby families - they were always where the fun and laughter seemed to be so I told one of the women that she had a beautiful family (yeah, it seemed to a family of really attractive women) - she laughed and said it was good genes. I know it was a stupid thing to say. Then yesterday, her table was again full of laughter so I asked if they woke up laughing - she said "only when my husband isn't there". Then last night my sister and I were in the War Brides hospitality room chatting the woman sat at our table and started talking, then her older sister sat down with us and she lives Sammamish) just outside of Seattle. The sister was the mother of the 2 youngest at the table; then the middle sister sat down next to me and started chatting (we seemed to er brush up against each other quite a bit). When the sisters realized that I made beads, they got all excited. I told them that I just make beads, I don't do anything with so I give them away. My sister said that she did not know what to do with the beads I gave her and the oldest sister offered to make something with them and the middle sister said that she was into ceramics and we went off into a side conversation about Raku and then she showed me a picture of one of the pieces and it was beautiful. She demanded my email address right then and there.

So it appears that my awkwardness did seem to trigger a change; the middle sister manages a gardening center focusing on zones down in northern California. The sisters are very talented and artistic and we discussed kilns and fusing glass along with the details of some of their projects. Sigh, it must be the beard.


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