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NOLA Media Puts White Protest of Ferguson on Front Page

whilst all but ignoring a protest in the black community a few days before.

[Full disclosure: white person talking. Let me know if I'm a off-base here]

On Sunday, some local anarchists (or something) protested at the police station. I didn't go, but I support the protest. While I think intentions are pure, and I agree with the things they say, I find it strange there are few people of color involved in this protest (which makes me think perhaps the protesters never talked to any about this). However, everyone has the right to protest this, and everyone has the right to be outraged.



The bizarre thing is that a protest of almost twice as many people made up of mostly black citizens got no press from nola.com/Times-Picayune. Thursday's Lafayette Square protest gets no ink here, while these fools shown above get the front page of today's "paper." Respect to Thursday's protesters. Disrespect to those those shown above. Someone at nola.com needs to answer this. Thursday's protest was part of a national protest. Why not show a larger group of black protesters and instead focus on just a few white malcontents who protest everything under the sun? Looks like nola.com has its own racial bias.


Curious, since I tend to know what's going on and hadn't heard about this protest at all (full disclosure: I'm not much of a Twitterer so I bet I would have known if I'd tried), I decided to investigate the validity of this comment.

The comment was referring to the National Moment of Silence, on Thursday the 14th. I did know this was happening, but didn't know anyone who was going to it. I found a few articles announcing that it would happen, and only one that actually covered it in more than a blurb.


NOLA.com is the website of our main newspaper - it's our main source of local news. I'm more than a little annoyed, and perplexed, that the NMOS didn't get more coverage, yet this other protest lands the front page of the website.



Again, I am white. I don't want to be all white opinions. This is just in my neck of the woods and there are a lot of people of color here (and in my life!) and so I wanted to draw y'all's attention to it.

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