Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Okay so we've got Violet Baudelaire, vee, palomitas et moi, Leftoverhill. If we make it happen between the 12th-19th of April then RuthSlayderGinsburg can join us too. La.C. is unavailable until November but we can do it again of course. As far as I'm concerned 4-5 people is enough to meet, and I'm ready to do this.

Who else is out there in the New Orleans area? Speak up, I know you're there!

Like I said I'm cool with the headcount as it stands but do y'all want to cast a wider net? Does anyone know anybody who posts on Jezebel or another Gawker site who doesn't come here to GT but perhaps should be invited? I also think it's maybe cool to bring a well-chosen guest? (No dicks. I mean, they can HAVE a dick, they just can't BE a dick.)

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