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NOLA - the last days

Well, I am back in Bozeman. I convinced mom to not check her walker on the trip back; she is exhilarated! She was pretty sure she could never travel any more because her back would suffer terribly but it turns out that was only because she tried to navigate the airports by cane. Her legs are fine, it is her back that can't handle it - using the walker right up to plane and quick checking it, She now wants to buy a walker with larger wheels because the walker could not get over some pretty small bumps; I am thinking that maybe we can get her an all-terrain version so she can go back to climbing mountains.

My sister is a babbler - it drives me crazy, and she needs acknowledgement every couple sentences and I am introverted with a pretty strong internal dialogue. I find myself getting really irritated with her (this happened a couple years ago in Paris - I snapped at her and had to call her in her hotel room to apologize, my ex was as independent as me so I had lost the ability to pay attention to droning) so this time, I watched myself very closely.

So I ingratiated myself into the beautiful family that laughed all the time. Turns out they are pretty artistic so I will be making them some beads, Middle sister works with ceramics and said that she made a life-casting in clay - someone explained that you can buy it in sheets. This solved a problem I was having with getting molds from some architectural element on a building near where I work


like this. There are 8 of them; they should be easy to cast now that I know how to get a mold from them. The beader (oldest of the sisters) lives up here in the Seattle area. Two of the 3 sisters are married and the 3rd sister asked for my email address (yay). So I guess I had better get my bead-making bench set up pretty soon. My sister will be working with the beader to get her beads strung; mom says that she has a beader friend who will help her string the beads I gave her. The sisters have really tiny hands so making glass rings for them should be pretty easy. I explained the story behind the '1000' beads theory and how I have 500 more to make before I can start charging for them (and I really don't have a use for beads once I make them).

Back to NOLA - it is beautiful city but I really can't stand the heat! Yesterday I had to change clothes 3 times during the evening festivities from sweating so much. It was a great visit.

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