Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Non-Candy Goodie Bags

Because I am not-all-there-in-the-head, I signed up to provide goodie bags for WeePiglet's class party next week. I did very well with the goodie bags for Valentine's Day: pencils, glow bracelets, erasers, and a shitload of stickers.

Now the Spring Party is upon us and I don't want to duplicate my Valentine's awesomeness, but I am not quite sure what else I can do. They are adamant about the NO CANDY EVARRRRRR, otherwise I'd be all set.


They're 2nd-graders. Thoughts on what would make fun goodie bags? I have 5 days to pull them together, so any suggestions will have to incorporate easily-obtainable things.

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