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Non-intersectional Feminism is so easily corrupted...

...to be about the self and one's own privilege.

I don't want to link it because it's from a GT-ish "safe" space (although I would feel justified because Internet 101 people, but ok) but my head is still reeling from something I read earlier:

A straight monogamous woman and her husband's gay dude friend is introverted and down in the dumps so they decide to take him to a gay bar. While there, someone comes up and propositions their little group for orgy times in a moderately lewd way. She says no and propositioner never bothers them again. Her complaint is that she feels sexually harassed. She was looking for advice on how to process it and maybe she needs to talk to an implied professional because it's making her feel abnormal.


- Most of the responses told her that she went to a meet market gay bar and she should have known that going in, that's what happens there, NBD.

- One response talked about privilege and she somehow managed to turn this around, saying she knew about privilege and she was the one without in this scenario, because she's a woman and the invitation included a reference to penetration.

- One response says it doesn't matter what the environment is, if she feels harassed she was harassed.

- She got mad at the responses telling her it clearly wasn't the place for her and is now telling people that sexual harassment can take place anywhere, so there!


I need help processing this woman's worldview. Particularly the response that said if she felt harassed then she was harassed, even though they were left alone after the initial no. What say you, commenters: Agree? Disagree? Why?

Photo is not meant to be a dramatic feline representation of facial expressions during orgy times whatsoever.


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