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Non-pharmaceutical self care techniques?

(Important to clarify - I am NOT anti-counseling, anti-medication, anti-anything! Medical and psychological interventions have helped me enormously.)

Been going through a rough patch and I’m really focusing on my self-care, so I’m curious what things people have found helpful in their own lives. I’d love if you have some thoughts to share.


I definitely pay attention to the “basics” - eat better, sleep hygiene, use alcohol strategically (i.e. a little is OK for relaxing, too much isn’t good for me). These things become more important than usual when I’m down or anxious. I also have things I do in other areas that have a big impact on my mood and energy level:

1) Music. I’m very reactive to sound and use music in a deliberate way, to either maintain my mood or to change it. Classical (symphonic) music energizes me and helps keep me steady. Country and current/pop music lift my mood because I can sing along. Folk/roots music works when I need to cry and get my emotions out.

2) Color, art, other visual input. I get great pleasure from looking at beautiful things, so I’ll spend time with art books, fashion magazines, maybe I’ll play with a kaleidoscope or color in a coloring book.

3) Fresh air. I immediately feel better when I’m outdoors, so I’ll open up the windows if I can, and I make sure to get outside for at least 20-30 minutes a day no matter what the weather’s like. This is especially good for anxiety - getting fresh air in the house, or spending time outside, can dramatically decrease my anxiety.


What do you do?

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