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I am noticing a trend that is growing at an alarming rate, both "in real life" and on the internet. I like to call it talkingoutofyourass-itis. People seem to think that they have to have an opinion about everything, whether or not they actually know anything about it. Am I actually in the minority now for choosing to not loudly proclaim a staunch opinion about political issues I know nothing about?


Guys, I am officially giving you all permission to admit you have no strong opinion about political issues that you don't understand or don't know anything about. I won't judge you or tell you to go read up about the issue. You won't have to scramble to listen to news reports and report back to me with a carefully worded opinion. You can just say, "You know what, MrsManzana? I don't have a clue one way or another what is right here. So I'm not going to spout off when I don't know what I'm talking about." I won't think you are ignorant or isolationist or shallow. Because nobody can know everything about everything, and that's okay.

*I would like it noted that this rant has nothing to do with any of you lovely GTers. But I lately have to avoid my Facebook feed because everyone has something to say about Syria. And about 85% of them have no idea what's going on over there, they just form their opinion based on whether or not they like Obama. If your opinion is based solely on your political party, while knowing nothing about what's actually going on, then kindly STFU until you can form a rational stance based on your own knowledge and critical thinking skills.

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