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Welcome To The Bitchery
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So I just had my antenatal breastfeeding class, and it was okay, until the midwife got to the part about bras. She completely went off on one that we should not not not be wearing underwire bras while pregnant as we're damaging our breasts and also not while breastfeeding, as she claims it causes blocked ducts. She said all sorts of things like "just get a bra without underwire" (yeah because they make tons of those in HH...) and that she didn't need one so nobody else did.

Now, I'm not a body shamer or anything, but having a little teensy tiny woman tell me about what bra to wear sends me into fits of rage. Okay I exaggerate, but I was really annoyed, as were the other well-endowed women in the class. I've looked it up and there's no evidence whatsoever to what she said and now I kind of wish my small fit had been a huge one.


Someone please tell me I'm not 100% unreasonable to be annoyed by this...

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