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The past few days my legs have been really stiff. Mostly the calf muscle (that's the back of the lower leg, right?). And I haven't been able to do anything. Walking hurts a lot.

So I finally was able to grab some Aleve and potassium, and have doing stretches. This stiffness may be due to a medication change I had to do, which freaks me out. I don't have time for this ('ain't nobody got time for [blank]' is becoming the soundtrack of my life).

And the absolute worst part? I CAN'T WALK IN MY SHOES! My beautiful, sparkly, wedges. My babies. And it's less than a week until commencement, the reason I bought them.


My apartment's a wreck, I'm trying to focus on editing a paper today. Thankfully, my dear, sweet friend is coming over to help me focus and clean a bit. And we're getting pizza. Silver lining for today at least.

You know Murphy's Law or whatever? That everything that can go wrong will? I feel like I'm on the brink of the concept. Not 'hospitalized before finals/grad' (although that did happen last time I had a graduation-thank you E. Coli), but more like 'it's not PERFECT!'. I feel like Reese Witherspoon's character in Election because I'm so focused on perfection. But this shit has to stop.

Like I said, ain't nobody got time for ANY OF THIS!

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