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so this post starts off tasty and gets super disgusting. you’ve been warned!

last weekend I was watching youtubes with a friend who told me this recipe(-ish thing) was going around the Chinese interwebs of making a one-pot rice cooker meal by adding to the rice salt, pepper, a little olive oil, and a whole de-stemmed tomato, then proceeding to cook as usual. The guy in the video then made a second one with chashu and a chopped trumpet mushroom and scallions and I forget what else. I decided to try something like that tonight and got a tomato, some shrooms and precooked sausage I could just chop up and throw in there.

And I had this really really good medium grain basmati my mother in law gave me after I raved about it at dinner last week because delicious rice is very important to me.


So I put some in the rice cooker and rinsed it. Stuff came floating up. BUGS. BUGS IN THE RICE.

This is the second time this has happened with rice I got from my MIL and the last one ended up getting all our rice infested (luckily it was not kept with any other dry goods and it didn’t spread) so I quickly threw this stuff out. I don’t know how to tell her she needs to stop buying rice from that store and also btw we have all been eating bug rice. ARRRRGHHHHH. This is definitely going to become a phobia now. I feel like I can never trust rice again. And I love rice!!!

I am now so grossed out that even though I have other rice I aborted dinner and am just eating like half a dozen babybels.

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