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So fellow Groupthinkers and Groupdrinkers, I have come to an unfortunate realization:

Cheap beer now gives me monster hangovers.

This is my second two day hangover in a little over a month. Both times I got drunk off of PBR and both times I didn't drink more than I would on any other party night. Plus, earlier this year, I realized that my favourite beer (which is a cheap old man beer) gave me wicked hangovers if I had more than two over the course of an evening. And these hangovers... I was still puking at midnight last night! And I had a migraine! I seem to be able to drink other things, including nicer beers, in the same quantity, so problem, so it looks like my drinking just got more expensive.


My body can sense that I am coming to the end of my degree and telling me to stop drinking like a student, I suppose.

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