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Yep. Nope. BoyHeathen made a bitchin masala beef stew. I came home from work and had A drink. Which became A shot. And then a long, saddened pull of bourbon and ginger; hoping the sweet booze would drown out the non sequitur rambling of a coked up narcissistic piece of gum that has been ground into the forgotten orange shag carpet in a basement rec room. It has not. I cannot any longer. I tried, but I just feel angry watching it

So here’s your happy post! Shout from the rooftops about your tiny victories! Tell me about the fantastic book you finished, or the really wonderful TV series you have started.


The autopsy for this debate is yet to come. Let’s celebrate a few precious moments that we are alive and haven’t been annihilated by nuclear war...yet.

Let’s Not talk politics!

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