No joke, in the past hour, I received not one but two phone calls from universities asking me to donate money.

The first instance was the most depressing...I graduated college in 2007 and, even before I graduated, my university had already put me on an alumni list and was already asking me for money. I was like, "Look, I know you're just doing your job, but you're wasting your time asking someone who's graduating this semester for money. I don't have any yet!"

Six years later and nothing's changed: Got a call from the alumni association...before the guy even stated his reason for the call, I said "I know it's been 6 years since I've graduated, but NOPE! Still broke!" He knew right away to hang up, which was nice.

I'm in a direct PhD program now, meaning we earn our master's en route to earning our doctorates. Because I've finished my master's at my current university, my contact information has been given to the alumni association. It must be donation solicitation season because my current university just called asking for money. I'm like, "ummm...nope...still here!"

I really do wish I could give back to the place I went to college,'s a state school and the liberal arts and sciences college was always struggling to sustain itself financially, especially the psych department...the profs weren't even allowed to print out syllabi to hand out in the beginning of the semester.


Oh, well...Someday, I will make a decent living and be able to give back, right?