Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

You know you want to come. We are meeting at 7 pm, at Schmidt's Pub (but no one calls it that. It's just known as The Pub, as it is singular in terms of fabulousness), located at 1492 Solano Ave., Albany. If you would like a map, you can find one here.

We will meet on the front patio as long as there are tables available and it's neither freezing nor raining. Otherwise, in the front room. The Pub is cash only, and serves no food, but there are lots of great restaurants in a few block radius and you can bring food in.

I should be relatively easy to spot: I have short, bright pink hair and wear glasses. (See avatar.) I will try and be there a little early so I can serve as a beacon.


Looking forward to seeing everyone!

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