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Nordstrom model sheds outer skin, revealing smaller model inside

After learning that they have a sale, I wandered over to Nordstrom's website to see what I could find. Nordstrom doesn't sell 28s, so you can understand why I confused when I clicked on this bra and saw a model who could not *possibly* be wearing a 30C. I have nothing against people with outrageously tiny rib cages, but there's just no way that a band that size could stay up.

And then I realized that she looks like she's about to unwrap a sarong made of her hips. She's showing how much weight she's lost on Nutrisystem while wearing a pair of naked pants. She's standing behind a half-open Dutch door printed with her image. She's a real-life matryoshka sitting in the bottom half of a bigger doll. She's uncurling a tube of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls in which she is both tube and dough.


Or someone did a really shitty Photoshop job, but I like my theories better.

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