Today, while talking about Killing Us Softly 4, a white male student (White Dude 1) offered the most common criticism of those films I've heard, "She's reading too much into it."

When pressed, he continued, "A normal person, like me, looks at that commercial and sees beer. But a girl looks at it and says, 'Women are being objectified.'"

As soon as he says, "But a girl," another student's (White Dude 2) head pops up and eyes widen.

White Dude 1 finishes and White Dude 2 turns to him: "But didn't you hear what you just said?! You said you're 'normal' as opposed to girls, meaning girls aren't 'normal.' Maybe that's why women see more in these ads than you do—they have different experiences and that's their 'normal.'"

White Dude 2 gets the firmest high five I've ever given.


(Disclaimer: If you're worried about WD1's feelings, don't be, we have a fantastic community in our class and he and I have a great relationship. It's def. a safe space for all participation and they know when I'm joking. He laughed when he heard what he said and saw the high five.)