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North Americans


ETA: Okay let me re-word that! :) I'm trying to buy something like the link above, and it is to be used for full, overnight sleeping for a nearly month-long trip. I'm concerned that what seems to be called a 'playpen' on Canadian retail sites doesn't have an adequate mattress for such long periods, as the ones I've seen all just have foam pads that aren't really soft enough for more than long naps. Also, applet is 8 months old and standing (and climbing) so it needs high sides!

I have become foreign. Translate for me? What do you call this?


Playpen? But aren't playpens for sleeping, really? It's the folding sturdy travel bed that I need. What the hell is that called? ETA: I need a bed for sleeping, not a pen for playing!


Haaaaalp. I know not.

(planning for upcoming trip, need to order a bed for applet)

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