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nostalgia foods

Childhood foods have been coming up in conversation a lot. My sister & I were explaining our love for liverwurst to a friend the other night. My Russian/Polish Grandmother used to cut it up for us on small plate to snack on. It is my earliest food memory.

My Poppy used to make us torn up buttered toast, torn up bacon and a poached egg all mixed up in a coffee cup so the gooey egg yolk got all over the toast and bacon. I still love that dish.

My Mother used to make us spaghetti sandwiches, which I realize now was stretching one serving of leftover spaghetti with sauce between three kids. This sandwich is buttered white bread with fried spaghetti. This one I remember fondly but don't eat any more because ALL THE WHITE FLOUR!!! If I'd had kids, I would certainly have made this for them.


What are your nostalgia foods?

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