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Nostalgia Overshare UPDATED

The in-laws and the parents have combined their photos onto one master flashdrive which is now in my possession.

Looking at pictures of a big event can be kind of rough on someone who has issues with their appearance. I definitely don't look the way I'd hoped I would on My "Very Big Day"(or whatever) but that's due in a large part to my health issues last year, and to my yoga injury leading up to the wedding. (No yoga = minimal sweating. This is a fact of my existence.) It may also be due to my enjoyment of dessert, but whatcha gonna do.

Flipping through them, on the other hand, it's hard not to wonder when my sister got so gorgeous. She's the one holding the dog watercolor. We had her pup committed to watercolor as her MOH gift. The smile in the photo might even be genuine - she was pretty excited.

She also looks like she fell out of a Pantene commercial, doesn't she?

I may or may not be feeling a little nostalgic about my dad, since the post about him earlier in the week. He's notorious for refusing to smile in photos, for whatever reason. Mom caught him with my friend's kid, who was the highlight of the wedding. (Seriously folks - do you have crazy relatives? Invite one child to the wedding. Just one. This kid made everyone's day so much better than it would've been.) Here they are making identical stone-faces, because they are stoic soul-mates.


But do you want to know a secret? Can I tell you a secret?

FluterDude's father caught my dad unawares at the rehearsal dinner. I'd pay five dollars to know what just happened, but it will remain a mystery.

In case you were wondering, he's snickering. It's a really weird, arhythmic hiss that wants to be a laugh but never quite makes it. Because FluterDad is awesome.

UPDATE: Now that you guys have seen my real dad, you might find this picture from earlier in the week more amusing. We put Dad on a t-shirt last year to celebrate his milestone birthday. I am amused with myself.

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Not that you care. But I do. My one condition for having a real wedding was that my dog be in the photos. She's pathologically afraid of people, wind, and trees, so this wasn't the best logistical idea I've ever had, but she did make it for a few minutes. Here is FluterDog, being handled by one of the Band Wives before her quick(ish) photo-op.

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