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Since I know this was written by people with actual doctorates in Shakespeare, I suppose I have to go with it....

You are Luciana

"That love I begg'd for you he begg'd of me."

You are a textbook idealist. When you fall in love, it is head over heels...and usually, it's love at first sight! No matter, since you are all heedless optimism and idealism. As a result, you can be a bit sensitive and your heart (and ego!) has been bruised more than once. Your friends value you for your good nature and positive outlook on life. You can be sneaky and crafty when you go after what you want, and it doesn't always turn out how you expect - but it does always ends up for the best!


- See more at: http://www.americanshakespearecenter.com/quiz/#sthash.r…

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