So I was going to make a post about how I got my period today 10 weeks post partum and how someone up there must really fucking hate me. And that I'm also getting an IUD so you know more cramps on top of cramps. Awesome. And how Baby Haa got up 2 hours before she normally does not allowing me time to get a shower. Except I'm getting an IUD inserted and I started my period so I am not NOT SHOWERING for the doctor. I'm not an asshole. So what choice do I have but to let her cry in her crib for a half hour? Then I need to pump my bottles for her, except I can't pump with her crying next to me because I get stressed and it affects my supply so back to crying in her crib. This is the part where I should mention our baby monitor is viewable thru an iPhone app and that my mother also has access to said app. And that she will sometimes check in on Baby Haa at night and in the morning to watch her sleep. Well apparently she's been checking in on Baby Haa this morning quite a bit. And she called me to ask if everything was okay because the baby was crying in the crib a lot today. And I fucking lost it. I feel so defensive! What am I supposed to do when it's just the two of us here all day and I need one half hour in the morning to myself? I snapped at her that this was exactly why I didn't want her to have access to that app and that it's none of her business. Then I hung up on her. She tried calling my husband. I am so mad at her. She acts like if I don't find this 100% fucking sunshine and rainbows that I'm some terrible mother. It's really easy for someone who isn't sleep deprived, gets to leave after 24 hours at the most, and hasn't been tied to this baby for the last 10 weeks. This is why I don't think she'll ever understand my PPD.