So.... someone is:

A: Trying to steal my identity for financial fraud

B: Trying to Stalk me

C: Already stalking me, and I didn’t know

D: Trying to fake my tax returns and get money

E: Really, really dedicated to meeting me despite having no connection to me that I can discover.

Sadly, I won’t know which of the above it is until something bad happens. I can’t find out if someone fraudulently filed my taxes until I go to do so myself. I now pay for a freaking watch on my credit/etc (so glad I have to pay for that!). I’m so freaking creeped out.

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE: I have no evidence that I am physically in any danger, whatsoever, or that whoever this person is knows where I live other than the general city. So... yay for that.

I kind of hate people right now.