I have been seriously contemplating the kids issue because even if my disappeared romantic feelings for my husband make a reappearance, there is clearly another hurdle: I don't want to be a mom. He has, in the past year, expressed that he does want a kid and that he finds it odd that my long-stated desire not to have kids (which he used to share) has not changed over the years.

So, in lieu of debating my lack of feelings and trying to get to the bottom of all that, the therapist has us contemplating our long-term goals in order to determine compatibility on a high level first.

Now, I enjoy kids. I have volunteered with kids for a long time. I have a nephew who fills my heart with joy and having him in my life is a true highlight. I give parents lots of credit and leeway (unless they are simply letting their kids run wild and not even attempting to keep them in check). I also love the relationship I have with my parents and admire them so much for the spectacular parents they are to me and my sisters (and now wonderful grandparents to my nephew). But, after spending time with my nephew this year I feel truly comfortable saying that I do not want kids of my own. I could see myself doing foster care down the road, but I know that is something my husband would not consider.

At this point, I am now trying to really imagine my life without kids as the next goal post and what that means, including probably going it alone for the foreseeable future.

Has anyone else been contemplating this topic recently? I thought the attached article was an interesting read about deciding to live intentionally as a child-free woman and what that means.