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Not All Women: A Reflection on Being a Musician and Female

Mariel Loveland wrote a piece called How To Survive Being The Only Girl In A Band for Vice's Noisey blog. Alison Crutchfield of the amazing band Swearin' and 10 other musicians responded with their own piece about their experiences and critiques about the original piece called, Not All Women: A Reflection on Being a Musician and Female. Full disclosure: three of the people in it are dear friends of mine and the rest are people I respect greatly but both pieces are worth reading. Some quotes from the piece:

I was disappointed to read a guide addressing women and girls as categories with broad generalizations that conflate sex and gender in ways that aren't inclusive or productive. I think Mariel (and Noisey) confused writing about one's personal experience with a how-to guide. Mariel has acknowledged that it was based on only her personal experiences, and I don't want to discourage her from sharing that. But a guide for women that positions them as automatically high-maintenance, more concerned about their appearance than men, ON TOP OF clearly not including transwomen, among other things, is problematic at best, very alienating and damaging at worst.


As a feminist and a musician, I love hearing about other women's experiences playing in a male-dominated punk world. However, I am wary of trendy lists that make sweeping generalizations. I was immediately conflicted about the tone, advice, and general content of the piece itself. When someone puts a "feminist" disclaimer on something, I want to expect awesome, complex, and inclusive material. While I appreciate other ladies dropping some knowledge on what it's like, I stopped believing this would be something for me at the first tip: "stop giving a fuck." If I've learned anything over the many years I've been in bands and toured, it's that you never should stop giving a fuck.


"You should never stop giving a fuck" could be applied to literally all of my struggles, guys. And check out some of their awesome bands!

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