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Not at All a Good Day

TW: All kinds of bad shit.

I’m here to whine.

Thursday evening, Child’s APRN decided that she was showing possible suicidal tendencies, so told Spouse to take Child to the ER. Spouse did, with the understanding that we were looking at just an overnight stay. She encountered massive incompetence (she says) and people who would not listen to her.


Long story short, Child (who is just >18) was taken as an emergency admit, and Spouse was ejected from the hospital at midnight (she had been hanging around since the end of visiting hours, hoping to speak to someone). Spouse, who NEVER swears, sent me a message around 11:30 that read “Everything is fucked up.”

She got home around 12:30, couldn’t sleep, puttered around until 3:30, still couldn’t sleep, and woke me up to discuss possible legal action against the hospital and to get cooled down. She finally caught a couple of hours of sleep while I prepared an engagement for Child to sign so that I could act as her attorney (and put together some other documents that had to be mailed today).

So, later this morning we went to the hospital, spoke with the patient advocate, etc. Spouse got to sit with Child for an hour and a half, then had to run for a meeting. While she was visiting with Child I handled a little work stuff from the waiting room, then went in and sat with Child from 11:30-3:00, when Spouse came back (only one visitor at a time).

Got the engagement agreement signed, and then Child and I spent the time watching the History Channel (Ancient Astronauts: “Is it possible that this is evidence that humankind was created to mine gold by extraterrestrial beings from Niburu?” Both of us: NO! (We MST3Ked it)).


Child has eaten nothing since Thursday night and remains rather queasy.

The hospital has no room available in its psych ward at the moment, so Child’s being kept in the Crisis Intervention Unit (“CIU”) which is bleak at best—deep inside the building, no windows, etc. She could be moved to a proper ward in another nearby (~30 minutes) city, but doesn’t want to do that. So basically, she’s in jail.


So...I could whine about the work I didn’t get done today, but I’m really mostly worried about Child and what’s going to happen with her. On the basis of the emergency admit, they could hold her for up to two weeks...my impression is that she doesn’t need that kind of confinement, but hey, I’m just a parent.

Spouse plans to stay with Child as long as she can tonight, but hopefully she’ll be home before midnight and we can both get some rest. And, hopefully, child’s stomach will settle down so that she can eat.


Meanwhile, I’m running on a cold and about 3 hours of sleep for the past two days. I had set tomorrow aside to finish all pre-finals grading and recording and getting things set up, but now I don’t know if that will happen; next week is law and grading for three classes.

The crash is coming soon.

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