Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

My boss is out of the office today. She asked me to send out an email reminder to the staff about something, and said “use my email about the webpage and reply all.” I thought she was asking me to remind people to not reply all to the email (which is a thing she stresses hard in every staff wide email she sends), but she was telling me to reply all to her original email, because it turns out it is not a staff wide email, which I didn’t figure out until I sent it to the entire organization and got an email back from my boss like “Uhhh... what did you just do?”

I emailed apologizing. explaining the mix up, and asking how I could best ix the mistake, but I feel like in her emails when she’s out of the office she often tries to be as brief as possible, at the expense of clarity.


Communication is hard and stupid. And I feel like crap.

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