I'm finally not busy at work. I don't really remember what this feels like. I'm trying to avoid pestering my friends on gchat. So I will pester you all here instead.

I have accomplished my big task of the day, which was project planning how I will make and bring mashed potatoes, stuffing, brussels sprouts, and mac n cheese to my boyfriend's Friendsgiving on Sunday. It's a beautiful project plan (dear excel, i love u, kthx), and if anybody gets in my way I may whack them with my new potato masher. I collected all the recipes from my family members and am excited to execute. I'm thinking brussels sprouts & mashed potatoes day of creation and mac n cheese & stuffing the day before. Man friend will transport everything to his house. But this is cooking for 14 people (!!) and all my recipes are for 10. But they are sides so... that should be... fine? Right?

I asked before about other people cooking for Thanksgiving but I WILL ASK AGAIN because I could probably talk about stuffing all day. And related side dishes. I GUESS TURKEY TOO if u wanna talk about it.

Thanks for playing. Here is a tiny hedgehog super ready for Christmas:


and ere is a rabbit wondering where his youth went: