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Not CONFIRMED But ... Could this mean National Guard Coming In? (Edited Title for more accuracy)

This is not confirmed, but Derek Wallbank is tweeting this:

10:26 AM - 14 Aug 2014 Details


Derek Wallbank@dwallbank 21m

BREAKING: Rep. Clay Says St. Louis County Police to be Relieved of Duty #Ferguson

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So, the whole department??

He says he received this information from Representative Clay, who apparently received it from the governor.


However, I must emphasize that this is still unconfirmed and via Twitter.

Edited to for further confirmation:

From Wallbank's twitter feed:

**My interpretation is that this means they are sending in the National Guard. At this time, I'm hoping that's good news. It is true it is not directly about relieving the police in Ferguson and taking them off duty.



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