As some of you may know, I recently finished my Ph.D. I was always ambivalent about going to my commencement - none of my family lives locally and I already celebrated my Ph.D. with my friends two months ago after I defended my dissertation. I also HATE ceremonies - they bore me. To me, all ceremonies do is make something more sentimental than it needs to be.

Plus, there wasn't that much time available between grading my last round of final exams (just finished last night) and having to move out of my apartment at the end of the month, so I decided that I'd rather go on a kickass vacation than stay in town for my commencement this Saturday. I'm leaving for Buenos Aires, AR tonight and I'll be back in 10 days. I haven't traveled out of the country in 8 years, so I'm REALLY excited! I may also go to wine country and drink all the Malbec.

Every single person who I've told that I'm not going to my commencement has looked at me like I have three heads! What's the big deal? Wouldn't you rather be on vacation than sitting around sweating in a polyester robe, listening to boring speeches, and arguing with your family?

Even if I weren't going on vacation, I probably wouldn't be going to commencement anyway. I'd rather be sleeping in my bed than in a chair outside surrounded by people :-P*


What do you guys think of ceremonies? Did you go to your commencement? If you didn't go, any regrets?