So, update on this whole situation: we met face-to-face with our boss and later with the manager of the English department. They don't want us to leave, because they're afraid they won't get new students without us there to teach the winter demo classes. As is typical for them, they refuse to admit they did anything wrong by not checking with us before declaring us gone. I don't trust either of them at all, but my boyfriend really wants to finish off the contract and leave on a good note. I guess I do too, at least to be able to say goodbye to my students. It also doesn't hurt that this way we'll be able to make another month's pay, rather than paying for rebooking.

Now we're on two week vacation for Chinese new year and I have no idea what to do, besides cleaning. I finished off the Hunger Games series in three or four days and I need more things to read. So any recommendations for thrillers, YA novels or the like? What are you all reading right now?